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Create Your Own PicnixX Table

What is in

Cumaru FSC hardwood

The PicnixX tables are made of extremely durable Cumaru FSC hardwood. Cumaru wood has a very long life span and in addition it provides a high level of comfort due to its warm and high-qualityproduct characteristics.The Cumaru hardwood is virtually without cracks or splinters.

Stainless steel

The metal frame of the PicnixX products is made of highly durable stainless steel. It is an awesome material that offers many advantages. Stainless steel is strong, tought and has a very long life span. The stainless steel is finished with a very durably RAL colour.


Cushion Set

The custom-made, comfortable and weatherproof Sunbrella cushions increase the seating comfort of your PicnixX table even more. You can choose from 3 standard colours. The cushions are from the international brand Sunbrella. A brand that is known for its superb quality and long service life. The Sunbrella fabrics are virtually UV-resistant, and water and dirt repellent. The cushion covers are detachable, so they can easily be washed. The filling is comfortable and of high quality.

Protective Covers

We standardly supply custom-made dark brown protective covers. Those are for shielding the seats and tabletop when you are not using the PicnixX table. The protective covers are water and dirt repellent and extend the life span of the PicnixX table.